Make Up And Special Effects

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Picture of Face Paint

Face Paint

A magical way to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. Crafted with safety, vibrant pigments, and easy application in mind, our face paint allows both kids and adults to explore their creativity and become the characters they've always dreamed of.
PKR 380.00
Picture of Push Up Face Paint

Push Up Face Paint

A mess-free and convenient way to transform yourself into your favorite characters, creatures, or designs. Crafted with ease of use and creativity in mind, our push-up face paint offers a fuss-free solution for expressive and imaginative face art. Our Push-Up Face Paint comes in a sleek and compact design that's easy to handle and apply. Simply twist and push the paint up to reveal a smooth and vibrant color that glides effortlessly onto the skin. With a gentle touch, you can create intricate details, bold lines, and artistic designs without the need for brushes or additional tools.
PKR 360.00